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Sales and cancellation conditions

Bookings for Fit Lad Mountain are managed by our booking partner, the hotel Terril Blanc in Tignes le Lac, which has all the tourist amenities and financial guarantees required by European laws on the sale of holiday packages. We remind in the tabs “Particular Sales Conditions” and “Particular Cancellation Conditions” the specific booking and cancellation conditions that apply to any booking of Fit Lad Mountain holiday.
In the tabs “Special booking conditions” and “Special cancellation conditions” we remind you of the special booking and cancellation conditions that apply to any booking of a Fit Lad Mountain holiday.

Booking and payment methods

All Fit Lad Mountain bookings up to and including 12 June 2024 at 23:59 CET must be accompanied by a non refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost of the holiday, with the balance due NO LATER THAN 12 June 2024 at 23:59 CET.
The booking of any Fit Lad Mountain holiday from 13 June 2024 onwards must be accompanied by payment of the full amount of the holiday.

Availability of our accommodation when making a booking request from our website

The availability of the requested accommodation when proceeding to the booking request on the Fit Lad Mountain website is not guaranteed. The availability of the requested accommodation is guaranteed for 3 days from the reception by the customer of the reservation summary email sent by the hotel Terril Blanc which contains all details for the payment by credit card (on the phone) or by bank transfer.
If the amount corresponding to the payment of the deposit or the total amount (depending on the reservation period) is not received by the hotel Terril Blanc within 7 days of sending their email, the reservation request will be deemed to have lapsed and the availability of the requested accommodation will no longer be guaranteed.

Reference rates for accommodation and options

The reference price for any Fit Lad Mountain accommodation or option is the price in Euro shown on the description page of the accommodation or option in question on the Fit Lad Mountain website. In case of discrepancy between the price displayed on these description pages and the price that may appear at other locations or in any communication with the customer either through emails, phone calls, booking forms or summary, this is the price displayed on the accommodation or option description page on the Fit Lad Mountain web site that prevails and that should be considered as the price to pay for booking this accommdation or option.

Changes in the schedule of events

The schedule of events is subject to change at any time, particularly in the light of weather conditions or health requirements, with no refund possible if an alternative to the original event is offered.

Personal data

By proceeding to a Fit Lad Mountain booking, the customer accepts :
• that his/her details are communicated to the organiser, Talance Consulting, which commits not to pass them to any third parties, unless this is required for the proper preparation or running of the event.
• to be photographed or filmed during the event and authorizes the organiser, Talance Consulting, to exploit this pictures and videos representing the customer for promotional purposes

Health formalities related to Covid-19
The client who makes the reservation as well as all the persons included in the reservation file undertake to respect all health formalities applicable during the dates of the Fit Lad Mountain 2024 holiday, set up, if necessary, by the authorities of the country of residence, by the country of transit or by the French authorities, whatever their form: obligation to undergo a test, to wear a mask, to undergo a complete vaccination course, etc.
The client and the members of his booking file undertake to provide, if necessary, the health or vaccination certificates possibly requested by the French authorities in order to take possession of the accommodation booked and to be able to take part in the events and activities booked and planned during the Fit Lad Mountain week. Any refusal or inability to provide the requested certificates will result in the cancellation of the stay without any refund for the client or for the members of his reservation file.

It is the responsibility of the client and the members of their booking to be aware in advance of any formalities that may be required, whether for their transport or their stay, by the authorities of their country of residence or the country of transit or by the French authorities.

In any case, it is already strongly recommended to the client as well as to the members of his reservation file to take their dispositions in order to be up to date, for the dates of their Fit Lad Mountain 2024 holiday, of their vaccination against Covid-19.

Cancellation insurance

We recommend that you take out a holiday cancellation insurance policy with Safebooking, which is the cancellation insurance offered by our booking partner the hotel Terril Blanc, at the same time as you register. The client must communicate to the Terril Blanc, upon confirmation of the reservation, the name and permanent address of all the members of the reservation file, in order to benefit from the guarantees provided by this insurance.

Otherwise, we invite you to take out personal cancellation insurance by your own means.

When booking your Fit Lad Mountain holiday, we strongly recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance, either your own personal insurance or that offered by our booking partner the hotel Terril Blanc: the Safebooking cancellation insurance.

In order to be taken into account, all cancellation requests must be sent by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt to the Hotel Terril Blanc, BP 62, 73320 Tignes le Lac, France.

Your cancellation request must include

-your booking reference, your first name and surname

-the reasons for your cancellation request

-official evidence (medical certificate, professional certificate, etc.) relating to your application

If you have not taken out cancellation insurance or if it does not cover the reasons for your cancellation, the following cancellation penalties apply.

For any cancellation:

  • before 12 April 2024 23:59 CET, the deposit will be refunded, excluding the cost of any Safebooking cancellation insurance taken out.
  • between 13 April 2024 and 12 June 2024 23:59 CET, cancellation penalties will amount to the deposit paid
  • from 13 June 2024, cancellation penalties amount to 100% of the cost of the holiday

For any partial cancellation of a booking (cancellation of an option), penalties will also apply. The penalty conditions are the same as above but they apply on the cancelled option instead of the whole booking.

In the case of a change in a booking that consists in a change of the number of people in an accommodation, a supplement will be applied to each person who does not cancel. The supplement/pers is equal to the difference between the price/pers of the accommodation with the new occupancy level and the price/pers of the accommodation with the initial occupancy level.

Any booking not paid for by 12 June 2024 at 23:59 CET may be cancelled without notice and the above cancellation conditions will apply.

To be covered in case of cancellation of your stay we recommend you to subscribe to the Safebooking insurance of our partner hotel Terril Blanc or to subscribe to your own cancellation insurance.